Don't be 'defaulted' out of hundreds of thousands of dollars....


We can provide you with general "class" information about KiwiSaver. If you haven't seriously considered it before we can explain how it works, allowing you to make an informed decision. If you were automatically joined through your work place, do you know which provider you are with?.... which fund you are with? It's surprising how many people have no idea, so well done if you do. Again information is everything so make sure your provider and the funds you are investing in are a good fit for your life stage and risk appetite.


At Finance Wise we are proud to be able to introduce you to the Generate KiwiSaver scheme - we carry their investment statements and can assist with any questions. Generate are a NZ owned KiwiSaver specialist. Consistently in the top performers for fund performance and service. Year on year winning the top Kiwisaver Provider award from Morningstar They have three significant differences to your run of the mill providors, we would love to share  this information with you. Call us - this truly may be a million dollar decision!

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I'm in! .... how do I apply/ transfer? Just grab your IRD number and then hit the Let's go button.