Risk, Insurance, Protection call it what you like... 


It's wonderful to hear about all the people that "wasted" money on insurance for years and never needed to make a claim. Lucky them! It's a bit like a tight rope walker with a safety net, you never need it until you NEEEEEEEED it.  As financiers who care about their clients we will want to make sure you're aware of where you're vulnerable. As always the decision is yours, we just want it to be an informed one. When you're reviewing your home finances is a great time to review existing cover and check it is appropriate. Your requirements change through life as commitments, debt levels and circumstances change, let's make sure that your safety net is still under the tight rope!  Finance Wise is proud to work with a handful of carefully selected insurance specialists for you to discuss the dteails with dependent on your specific circumstances. Its great to have the best of the best  on call if your needs are unusual or challenging.

Life insurance
Term Life

We know no one really likes to think about it  but please take a few minutes to consider how you and yours would be impacted were you to get the worst of news or have a fatal accident. Dig out your policies if you have existing cover, let's make sure you're neither over covered nor under exposed. We will run through your wants and needs with you-as it really isn't a one size fits all. You making an informed decision about levels of cover is what it's about. Don't let budget constraints prevent you having some cover in place - when it comes to the crunch some cover is far better than no cover.

Crisis or trauma insurance

Having crisis cover in place serves to make a really bad time significantly more tolerable. If diagnosed with serious illness (as per policy list) the last thing you want to be worrying about is how you're going to pay the mortgage, if you can afford unsubsidised medicines etc. We can help you calculate appropriate levels - bring existing policies in to check cover is appropriate.

Income protection
Income Cover

Stop for a minute, think about where you would be at in the event you no longer received your income . Some scenarios can be covered i.e redundancy, however extended illness that prevents you being able to work long term can be financially devestating- the last thing you want to be worried about when recovery is your first priority. ACC will usually assist in the event of an accident however illness and non-accidental medical conditions can have you off the tools/job too....

Do you have a "war chest" or liquid assets? Or is this an area you need to discuss?

Protect your income

Involuntary redundancy cover can pay a monthly benefit for up to six months - allowing you to find your feet.