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Investment Property?

Bricks and mortar have long been trusted as a sound part of investment portfolio, no surprises that over recent years this arena has out performed just about everything else you could have put your money into!

A sustained increase  in values such as we have seen over recent years has led to understandable concerns that the market has to at least slow or dare I even say "correct" sooner or later. Basic supply and demand has kept the heat firmly on despite new areas for subdivision opening up and new estates being built. The appetite for real estate is far from satisfied. 


The powers that be have been putting speed bumps in place to try to moderate the the increasing market prices. We have seen the LVR ( lending to value ratios) tightened for investment properties, further disincentives are likely in the pipeline. Australia have recently capped how much can be borrowed on an interest only basis in an attempt to prevent excessivley high gearing by property investors. The house of cards scenario is still a painful memory for many.

Getting the right team around you can have a huge impact on your likely success, from accountants, surveyors ( if your planing on developing) and of course mortgage advisers.

Bring us your ideas and we can help you nut it out, yes we will be devils advocate when necessary! But better to check it/address it /accept it or mitigate it  before you you are knee deep in it!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Before you start looking at properties too closely save your self a lot of time and potential stress by :


  •  Working out what you are trying to achieve, including time frames- sounds obvious, but you need to be honest with yourself.... Is it a quick flick or are you in for the long haul?

  • Do the maths! A good yield calculator can give you a clear idea of what your return and cash flows are likely to be. We are more than happy to assist you to go through this. 6% net should be your minimum  as a guideline.

  • Investing in property has always been deemed a long term investment, so if this is the case pressure test your plan. The banks will assess your lending at up to 8% interest rates to insure you could still service the loan if rates turned really ugly. Also a point to note if your playing on servicing calculators most banks will only use 75% of your potential rental income.

  • Do your homework and get a good feel for the area your looking in. Including future council plans for the area.

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